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Mixed Message Of IV Drug Programs
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Post Mixed Message Of IV Drug Programs 

Author has concerns about mixed messages of anti-HIV programs designed to help addicts avoid infection, but have gone far beyond simple clean needle campaigns.

As the urge to decriminalize drug use grows, this question will continue to emerge. Some might suggest that if we are to say that drug use is an individual choice, then at some point we will have to ask when we will cease holding addicts' hands and let them bear the full consequences of their own self destructive actions, including exposure to disease and overdoses.

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cept that when it comes to infectious diseases, sometimes its an innocent 3rd party (2nd party I guess) that can "bear the full consequences" too

not all IV drug users are out of the closet or obvious junkies at first glance... they may have casual or stable relationships with other people who are not aware of what this person is up to

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Oh, I hear you, X. And you're right on all points, similar to the HPV vaccination issue- it's pretty stupid to moralize instead of taking effective action.

It just kinda clanged for me when I see they're offering the junkies "cookers" to brew up their heroin injections. At least with the clean needles there is some kind of willing suspension of suspicion. When you provide the entire equipment for illegal drug use except for the drugs themselves, that's pretty much running up the white flag.

It isn't simple. But how far can we logically take this philosophy? Why not just legalize prostitution and hand out free rubbers to anyone who wants them? I know they're available now through various outreach efforts, but hey, if we're just going to say the hell with it, why not put them in dispensers in every public restroom and set up a brothel at the MOA?

These are interesting times. I wonder if (not when) the public health insurance plan comes in, if our health czars will continue to pay out 6 figure treatment costs for end stage AIDS patients on the taxpayer's dime, or tell them "Sorry, Dude, you're gonna die"? If they continue to pour such resources into behavior linked illnesses for the indigent, there should be some very interesting lawsuits filed by people who are denied treatment for conditions that they had no hand in causing but are deemed to expensive too provide. If ANY lifesaving service is denied to such people, they too are hearing from the government "Sorry, Dude, you're gonna die".

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Post Bill Cosby Said It Best 
The whole illegal drugs/illness thing reminds me of an old Bill Cosby stand up comedy routine in which he talked about his days as a medical corpsman in the Army.

He talks about some guy (maybe a fictional tale) who gets all wild on the battlefield bent on revenge for his fallen comrade. All the unit members are holding this guy back, begging him to take cover and not expose himself to enemy fire. But he breaks loose from them, goes running out across the battlefield, and immediately gets shot.

The first scream out of his mouth, of course?


Can't help but see the parellel to people who've been begged all their lives to avoid suicidally stupid behavior, ignore all the warnings, then demand our help.

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