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What great teachers/instructors/coaches/mentors/guides do you have or have you had in your life? What did they teach you?

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My mom taught me about class, and love of language, and dignity, and strength. And grace. And kindness. And love. She'd LIKE to teach me how to cook, but that's doomed to failure.

My dad taught me about freedom, and independence, and travel, and being different, and irreverance, and questioning authority, and following your own path, and fearlessness, and performing.

Leynie taught me about intellectual integrity, and work ethic, and Margaret Atwood, and simplicity and truth in performace and writing.

Miss Vicki kept me after school in preschool every day and taught me how to read.

Africa taught me about simplicity, and slowing down, and the fierce growth that happens in struggle and quiet.

Rita and Kate taught me about generosity, about what you get when you let go and give, and share, and relax.

Laura taught me how an artist sees.

Mike is teaching me about integrity and honor and courage.

Mags is teaching me about wisdom.

Matt is teaching me about idealism: living it, making it real.

I learn a lil' bit from the people in my life every day. I love the feeling of being humbled in the face of what we have to learn from each other.

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My primary school physical education teacher, high school math teacher, my 2 advisors in graduate school! They all taught me great knowledge, value, passion and strength. Best of all, they all set great examples by themselves.

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My 2 greatest teachers were/are my mother, and my husband.

My mother taught me to think for myself, to enjoy languages, and to want to understand how things were put together. She also taught me to care about other people and creatures.
To this day she has the best fed squirrels in the neighborhood!

My husband taught me that just because I'd been picked on in the past was no reason to believe that I was wrong. He taught me that stepping outside your comfort zone was a requirement in order to learn new skills. He's taught me to shut up and listen instead of planning what I wanted to say next...and he's taught me that I'm much stronger than I ever thought I was.

And both of them have taught me to love, deeply.

Oh...and my 2 cats have taught me the importance of good grooming(since one of them insists on cleaning all "his humans"), and an appreciation of a good nap on a Saturday afternoon.

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