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Chicago Prayer Wheels
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Post Chicago Prayer Wheels 

I love this.

"The Chicago Prayer Wheel Project is an interactive traveling sculpture. Viewers are asked to participate buy composing their own prayer or wish for Chicago on a small piece of paper and inserting it into one of the wheels, then gently spinning all the wheels.

A prayer wheel is a Tibetan spiritual technology. Contained within the spin-able cylinder, which may vary in size from a hand held device, to over six feet tall, is a scroll with a sacred mantra written thousands of times. The idea is that when the wheel is spun, the mantra radiates out over all of existence as a type of blessing. "

Click on the link to read about the project, then read some of the prayers from Chicagoans.

Some of my favorites:

I wish that Chicago was dirtier... like New York.
Warm winds, thick skins, smiling faces, many graces, love and norishment.
May Chicago get the olympics.
I wish there would be more interactive art and performance art in the streets of Chicago on a regular basis.
May we be granted a mild winter, forgiveness for our segregation, and enough street parking for everyone.
For Willis to be happy at work.

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Interesting. I wonder what....no...that's a subject for another post... Very Happy

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