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Nitrous Oxide Gas
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What Does Nitrous Do?
Physiological effects last a minute or two for a lungful of nitrous and then mainly dissipate. Some residual effects may last up to several minutes later. Unlike other drugs, the effects of nitrous very rapidly recede. As noted in 1845, "Those who inhale the Gas once, are always anxious to inhale it the second time." When inhaled, nitrous produces a variety of physical effects including:

Disorientation (both spatial and time-based)
Fixated vision
Throbbing or pulsating auditory hallucinations
Similarly pulsating visual hallucinations
Increased pain threshold
Deeper mental connections
Lowered vocal pitch (opposite of helium)

Had some dental work done today, and as usual said "yes" to the gas option. Suffice to say that as an addictive personality, I would be a TOTALLY USELESS HUMAN BEING if I had unlimited access to it. Check out Steve Martin's dentist character in "Little Shop of Horrors" to see what I mean, and enjoy one of the greatest comedy scenes in the history of cinema between Martin and Bill Murray.

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Years ago I was at a party where someone had an industrial sized tank of the stuff and was filling up baloons for people as party favors.

It was a pleasant enough sensation I guess but no big deal. I think head shops used to sell something called "whip its" which are basically NO2 refill caps for seltzer bottles, I think.

Nitrous was very popular at Grateful Dead shows, I understand.

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