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Robert Boyd Of Richfield Is Terror Suspect's Brother
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Post Robert Boyd Of Richfield Is Terror Suspect's Brother 
He says charges filed against N.C. man are 'preposterous'
By Tad Vezner
Updated: 07/30/2009 11:53:21 PM CDT

A Twin Cities man whose brother stands accused by the government of gearing up for a "violent jihad" abroad said Thursday that his brother has had a tough life but violence of that scale just isn't in him.

Robert Boyd, 49, of Richfield, said he hasn't talked to his brother, Daniel, in a year but he's certain of the North Carolina man's innocence.

"I do know that I trust my brother's word more than I trust the government. He is the best example of man I've ever met. He'd give you the shirt off his back. This nonsense they're saying is totally preposterous," Robert Boyd said.

Authorities say Daniel Boyd, 39, bought guns and led a group of men who were planning to kidnap, kill and maim people abroad in the name of Islam. The federal indictment said some of the defendants took trips to Jordan, Israel and Pakistan.

Boyd, a drywall contractor, was arrested Monday along with six others, including two of his sons.

Robert Boyd said he himself has been a Muslim since he read his stepfather's Quran as a young man.

"There's no right to bear arms except in defense in Islam," Boyd said. "He believed strongly in that. He's not going to go out and attack anybody."

Investigators say Daniel Boyd was the ringleader of the small North Carolina-based terrorist group and was involved in three years of international travel, gun purchases, military-style training trips and the recruitment of young men willing to die as martyrs. Authorities claim the
group was preparing for a "violent jihad," though prosecutors didn't give specific targets or a timeframe.
Daniel Boyd received military-style training in terrorist camps and fought the Soviets while in Pakistan and Afghanistan from 1989 to 1992, according to the indictment.

Robert Boyd said he received a single postcard from his brother back then.

"It described how filthy the Russians were, how bad they were treating the Muslims, they were basically wiping their a with the Quran."

"They (my brothers) were over there with the mujahedeen. That's all I know."

In 1991, Daniel Boyd and his brother Charles were convicted of robbing a bank in Pakistan, where they and their wives were living. A sentence that included amputations of a hand and foot was overturned.

Robert Boyd said his brother cared for their father, a 20-year career Marine and Vietnam War veteran, during the later years of the man's life. As children, the family traveled from military base to military base.

"Our dad was full-time alcoholic all his life. My brother had to deal with him totally repeating himself again and again, and I guess he died right in his hands. ... He's seen a lot of hard stuff for as long as he's been around."

Robert Boyd said his brother operated a North Carolina halal store, selling foods permissible under Islamic law, with his wife and four home-schooled children, all in their late teens. Boyd said his brother's fifth child, a son, died about a year ago.

Boyd said he also hasn't been in touch with his brother's immediate family since he heard of the arrest and indictment while watching television.

This report contains information from the Associated Press.

Nuts grow in clusters. If you need drywall done, better check the name of your contractor before you offer him a ham sandwich...

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