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Jenny Block, Switch Hittin' Mama
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Post Jenny Block, Switch Hittin' Mama 

Jenny Block is a freelance writer who's married to a guy and is the mother of a 10 year old, but also keeps a girlfriend on the side for her other sexual urges. At one point she and hubbie were both zooming the same woman.

Alllllllrighty then.

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Sounds like they're all adults. This is all their choice if you ask me. If the other woman ends up in a family way, Jenny and her husband will have a new mouth to feed if the girlfriend comes looking for child support.

Not sure how they've explained things to the 10 year old. Or if that kid gets teased about it from neighbors and school mates.

The man has decided to be in a sort of polyandrous relationship, with occasional access to his bisexual wife's girlfriend. He hasn't had the balls yet (and perhaps that was part of the reason for the girlfriend) to go out and get a girlfriend of his own. His wife is in the sexual driver's seat here.

Again, they're all adults here. Their decision. And I doubt many men are going to give him a hard time about his peculiar situation, especially if the wife's girfriend is even remotely hot.

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