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Minnesota Child Poverty
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Post Minnesota Child Poverty 

Report says that Minnesota's standing on child poverty statistics is slipping fast.

A few interesting nuggets from the report:

"Minnesota's slippage appears to reflect the start of the recession in 2007, when the state's job creation and incomes began to lag behind national averages, said Chuck Johnson, assistant commissioner of children and family services at the Minnesota Department of Human Services. It could also reflect the state's changing demographic makeup, he said.

"We're beginning to look more like the rest of the country," Johnson said."

"Next year's report -- reflecting the state's worsening economy in 2008 -- could show 35,000 to 40,000 additional Minnesota children in poverty -- about the same increase as occurred between 2000 and 2007, Arzamendia said. It could be even higher because of immigration, she said. Minnesota has been a destination for many immigrants and refugees in recent years, and new immigrants often are in poverty until they acquire language skills and land jobs."

"Minnesota's percent of children in single-parent families rose by 24 percent -- eight times the national average. The percent of children in families where no parent has a full-time, year-around job rose by 22 percent -- seven times the national average."

Maybe the statistical game players can stop the merry-go-round for a minute and acknowledge one simple fact: most of the negative trending in poverty statistics is not a result of declining income and QOL for existing Minnesotans. It's a result of the wholesale importation, both domestically and internationally, of people in poverty and high risk lifestyles that drastically skew the statistics in a negative direction.

Assistant Commish Chuckie Johnson's conclusions are patent bullshit. These drastic declines haven't occurred in the 18 months of the recent recession, given that the report covers 2000-2007.

We're beginning to look like the rest of the country, Chuckie, because the rest of the country has decided to relocate here and collect the generous benefits that your colleagues have offered all comers.

Did it ever dawn on you folks that productive people used to come to this state because it refreshingly WASN'T like the rest of the country, and be amazed that people of all demographic backgrounds seemed to have found the secret of working and living together in relative peace and safety?

When you change a steakhouse into a soup kitchen, don't expect to keep the same dining ambiance and clientele...

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