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Post LinkedIn 
I've been invited to join LinkedIn. Does anyone here use it? How or why is it useful?

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I'm on it. It hasn't been terribly useful to me, but my network is extremely small. The idea is that you network online with co-workers and managers that you've worked with. They can recommend you and write a short blurb about your performance at a job. It also acts like an online resume you can just point people to. And since the recommendations that you get are tied in with a specific job you've held, you've got your references right there.

It's a pretty well thought out system I think. It just hasn't been terribly useful to me because I don't network with others. I'm usually just working someplace to do a specific job and when it ends I move on. Little time for chit chat.

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Linked In is an excellent resource for

- job search
- finding employees
- sales
- consulting
- business networking (obviously)

I have used it for years now and have made numerous profitable connections as a result, including jobs and short term contracts

Be sure to connect with everyone you are on good terms with - in your career and otherwise. Then consider making arm's length connections as well - people you maybe didn't work with directly but have some sort of connection with such as a trade organization etc.

Once you get a network of about 100 good connections in your industry and geography plus a bit of spice from other industries and geographies, the thing will practically run itself.

Be sure you've got all the keywords about what you do and want to do, so that people can find you.

Put enough of your job history so that old co-workers can find you.

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