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Sex Offender, Wife Held In 1991 Kidnapping Of Girl
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Post Sex Offender, Wife Held In 1991 Kidnapping Of Girl 

A registered sex offender and his wife have been arrested for the 1991 kidnapping of an 11 year old girl after the victim went to a police station and identified herself as the girl. She is now 29 years of age.

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Post Details Of Girl's Captivity Emerge 

Yes, it gets worse...

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Post Kidnap Rapist Phillip Garrido Did 11 Years Of 50 Yr Sentence 

Phillip Garrido, accused of kidnapping an 11 year old girl and holding her prisoner for 18 years, was convicted of kidnap and rape in 1977 and sentenced to 50 years of federal prison.

He was released on parole in 1988 after serving 11 years.

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Post Sloppy Police Work Left Hostage Unrescued 

Authorities admitted that police and parole officers had visited the Garrido household a number of times over the years, and on at least one occasion were specifically asked to check on the complex of shacks located in the backyard where a kidnap victim was held hostage for 18 years. The responding officer didn't even bother to go in the yard.

Police are now checking the area for remains of a number of prostitutes who had disappeared in the area in recent years.

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Post Jaycee Dugard Life In Captivity 

The revelation of Jaycee Dugard's captivity and mothering of two children tells the story of complete control and brainwashing by her captor Phillip Garrido. Sad.

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Post Time to repeal the ban on cruel and unusual punishment 
Like Dennis Linehan, this couple should be tortured and kept in excruciating pain until they die. Justice won't be served by giving life imprisonment, years on death row or even quick merciful deaths. Some crimes are so heinous that justice requires the infliction of commensurate pain and suffering.

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Post Officers' Intuition Led To Dugard Rescue 

Two female law officers who interviewed Phillip Garrido and his "daughters" felt that the behavior of Garrido and the girls was strange and inauthentic, which led to further inquiry into his background and the eventual rescue of Garrido's hostages.

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Post Why Was Phillip Garrido Not In Prison? 

A prosecutor and a past rape victim of Phillip Garrido are wondering why he was released after only 11 years served of a 50 year federal kidnapping and rape sentence. They argue if he had served the normal portion of his sentence, he would not have been out on the streets and capable of kidnapping and imprisoning an 11 year old girl to be his sex slave in 1991.

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How victims of crimes like this begin the long road to healing.

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Post Victim Advocates: Garrido Supervision Inadequate 

Victim advocates are angry that Phillip Garrido was under supervision as a registered sex offender at the same time he was holding his victim and her children hostage in his own backyard. Corrections officials still cannot explain why he served so little of his 50 year federal kidnapping and rape sentence.

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Post Garrido Dodged Charges In 1972 Rape 

Records show that Phillip Garrido was arrested and charged with the drugging and rape of a 14 year old girl in 1972, but charges were dropped when his victim refused to testify against him.

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