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District 9
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Post District 9 

"District 9" is a science fiction thriller set in South Africa, with the premise that alien life forms have arrived on Earth and have been quarantined in a fenced housing district.

It's a fascinating movie with a gritty, "reality tv" filming style. There's clearly a social message in it, but I think you'd need to see the film a couple of times to really crystallize what it is.

The film's producer is Peter Jackson, who directed the Lord Of The Rings trilogy series. This production is much different from those releases, and puts one more in mind of Ridley Scott's Gladiator film style.

It's well worth watching. It can get gory, in a matter of fact way, but it's consistent with the plot. I'm sure peoples' interpretations of the show's theme and message will be highly variable.

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Post Nigerians Angry Over "District 9" Depiction 

Nigerians are angry over their depiction in "District 9", in which a number of Nigerian gangsters are shown exploiting Aliens and generally behaving in a thuggish and criminal way. They claim to be unjust victims of stereotyping.

Given the well documented and large scale participation of Nigerians in both worldwide criminal conspiracies and domestic lawlessness in their own country, there seems little there for them to object to. Between their unchecked Internet and financial schemes and the open piracy and rule of brute force in their oil and maritime port industries, they certainly seem well deserving of the title of outlaws.

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