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The People Of WalMart saga.
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I don't know if the People Of Walmart site has been posted here or not. I haven't been following the forums like I normally do. Something about a new baby and moving to a new house and all that.

In any case, the story of People Of WalMart is pretty interesting. You can read the non-tech story on CNN there. But as far as how fast they were down, there's a whole other story.

I was blessed to view the site on it's first day of operation. It started out with something like 10 photos. By the end of the day they reached the transfer limit from their hosting provider. Usually transfer limits are something like hundreds of gigabytes transferred. A picture is usually less than 1/1000th of a gigabyte.

On the second day they had upgraded to a higher transfer package and ran it out by noon. By the end of the second day they had maxed out their host provider's maximum bandwidth cap.

The third day they found a new provider with superior transfer caps. (Assuming they had caps at all.) By noon the traffic was so high they added servers. peopleofwalmart.com was now hosted on 3 servers with load balancing between them. By the end of the third day, 3 servers wasn't enough, even with load balancing.

I lost track of their technical saga after that. Seriously impressive stuff. Apparently people wanted to see the lower prices and lower caliber of customer found at Wal Mart. Smile

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