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I think people misunderstand me.
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Post I think people misunderstand me. 
Back when the Iraq war was starting up I had a lot of criticisms about America on my mind. At that time I was part of a very conservative forum. A lot of accusations followed that didn't seem to have anything to do with what I was criticizing. I can only imagine that I didn't properly explain myself. If I had I wouldn't have received accusations like America Hater, Unpatriotic, Soldier Basher, and so on. My criticisms had nothing to do with hating America or being unpatriotic and none of them had anything to do with picking on soldiers in the field. Except for that Marine who threw a puppy off of a small cliff. He's a dick.

In any case, here I am again, receiving the same sort of accusations. Not on this forum, but in other places. But I just thought since I've received criticism in other places, that I should make myself clear everywhere I post.

When I say, "Get the fuck over 9/11,"


This is the kind of shit I'm talking about. I'm not saying forget 9/11 ever happened. I'm saying it's 8 fucking years later and you've got police escort for a goddamned piece of steel. There would be thousands of pieces of steel just like this, except they were all shipped off to recycling plants. It's one of the few pieces of steel left from the twin towers because we MADE it one of the last pieces of steel left from the twin towers.

Get. Over. It.

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Post I had much the same conversation 
over at Anti-Strib when some conservatives claimed 9-11 brought America "to its knees." Some people buy into mass media hoopla to a disconserting degree.

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