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Doctor Versus Insurance Company
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Post Doctor Versus Insurance Company 

Doctors say that medical insurance reimbursement policies are causing them major problems and forcing them to schedule patients for multiple appointments that aren't necessary.

This has me confused. While I understand that insurance has ridiculous rules that help them avoid paying for services, some of the doctors' complaints don't make much sense to me either.

One complains that they can't get reimbursement for a blood pressure check done on the same day as another service. Guess I find myself looking at my auto mechanic's bill when I bring in my car for a specific complaint. They don't charge me for diagnostics much, or itemize every thing they do as a separate charge. They charge for what they do to fix the problem. If a doctor can't build their required profit margin into the services they provide, there's clearly a problem there. Every other business has to do this, whether they sell you a pack of gum or reshingle your roof.

Guess the emotional charge involved here is that people are the objects of repair. If that element would not be present, I think we'd look at this a lot differently. Every business transaction is to some degree adversarial. The seller of goods or services wants to get as much for their production as they can. The buyer wants as much product or service as possible for the least money spent. Guess it's just beyond me why this particular business can't manage to come up with a mutually agreeable balance there.

What a bizaare business this medical field is. Of course, we have to consider that the roofer doesn't have to price in your neighbor's roof that was installed for free into your bill, either.

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Post Dr David Sheiner, Former MD To Obama 
Interesting perspective from President Obama's former doctor, in regard to an issue raised in the above article:

Q:"Some doctors complain that insurers won't reimburse them for more than one treatment given on the same day. So they ask patients to come back just so they can bill the insurer for each separate treatment. What are your thoughts?

A:"A doctor who does this is beneath contempt. This is not a problem with insurance. This is goddamn greed on the part of doctors, and also part of the problem."

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