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Clever Hackers Raiding Corporate Databases
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Sophisticated hackers using malware and invading business WiFi networks are finding corporate databases easy targets to steal and use customer financial information from.

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IMO the two biggest threats to business networks is arrogance and stupidity. Since tech has gone mainstream, neither are in short supply.


I may have posted this story here before, but it's a pretty standard example of massive arrogance. Big company is alerted to massive security flaws in their public facing website. Big company denies that such flaws exist and continue to operate with known flawed software.

I don't have the link to my example of stupidity. But the details went along the lines of a website that allowed you to look up your membership information on their website. Well the idiots who created it decided to put the entire database query in the URL. So once you load the page, change the query and the page will dump the results to the page. Company was informed of this and the next day they changed all of their database table and field names to upper case, thinking that would help them somehow.

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