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TruTech Electronics at Target
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Post TruTech Electronics at Target 
Bought a TruTech DVD player at Target about half a year ago. Rarely used it and was rather surprised it died on me. Even more surprised that the company has no web site, no tech support number. Only one (maybe three) month warranty.

I don't see this brand in other stores. Perhaps Target carries this brand exclusively. I will definitely think twice before buying anything of that brand.


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Many departments stores stock a specific brand that is signature to that store, like "American Far" for K-mart, or "Great Value (or something equally as generic)" for Wal-Mart. These generic brands that all department stores carry are generally cheaper to buy the products. This is cheap for a couple of reasons.

1. It is made by the company and does not need to pay the other retailers their fees.
2. It is generally less quality than normal name brand products.

So a cheaper product, something made by the store, or some brand that you have never heard of, always be weary and think twice before buying it.

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Post TruTech television from Target--beware! 
I recently purchaed a TruTech TV/DVD combo from Target. A little more than three months' later, the TV/DVD color went out. Now, I am left with a television that's either black & white, or has bits of color shaking all over the screen. And, as luck would have it, it happened one week after my Target receipt expired!

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The company you are looking for is ATICO INT. I got the 7 inch photo frame from Target and it worked for 5 min. All Trutech is bad stuff. never buy anything from this company. The phone number to ATICO INT. is !-800-248-3960. Good Luck and Happy Holidays

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