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Mandatory Pre-Nups Good Idea?
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Post Mandatory Pre-Nups Good Idea? 
With the high rate of divorce in society, there's a very good chance that many new marriages will not succeed. Given that a large amount of needless time and money are spent dividing the assets of a marriage, would you support a requirement that marriage license seekers submit a signed prenuptual agreement at the time of application? There would be the option to waive the requirement as well, but at least it would open the discussion and take away the "bad guy" status from a prospective spouse who wanted one but was afraid to broach the subject. What do you think?

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A lot of people have adviced that everyone gets a pre-nup first. I know this is a good thing for both parties, but it can really leave a sour note when the wedding bell rings.

If everyone has a pre-nup, the divorce rate may get much higher. The painful amount of time and money spent on a divorce may make a lot of people think twice and seek marriage counseling.

I'd say "No." to the idea.

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Absolutely not. If you start off deciding how you'll fail and setting up that plan, you're already admitting that you will most likely bail instead of working out tough issues.

Contrary to popular media and folklore, marriage is not a "happily ever after" thing with no problems, no irritations and no compromises. If you don't grow in a marriage, you have no marriage.

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