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In and Out
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I just discovered The Beta Band and Phoenix. Love good new (to me) music.

Also, I just had a starburst, and realized I no longer care for them. I used to like them. No more.


In: The Beta Band and Phoenix
Out: starbursts

What's on your In/Out list?

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In: 1911s. I used to hate the crap out of them. Never understood why people liked them. If you hold them properly, they bite you. And the mags only hold 8 rounds. But I'm told that there are double stack 1911s that don't bite you.

Out: The AR-15. I've got one, and I like it. But I'm not buying another rifle that has the mag well ahead of the trigger.

In: Bullpups. With a bullpup design (magazine and action behind the trigger) you can have a barrel that's longer, but is still fairly short with regards to your overall profile. Giving you the advantages of long barreled rifles AND carbines in one gun.

Out: Sleep. It has abandoned me.

In: Coffee. Never used to drink it.

Out: My '97 Taurus. Sad Maybe if I got one of those high paying VMWare jobs I could fix it up. I love that car so damn much.

In: The '97 Nissan Altima. I've been having to drive that around instead of my Taurus. There is no comparison. New Altimas are nice. Pre-2000 Altimas are crap. But it runs I suppose.

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Post I/O 
Took a Bonsai 2 day class. What a fine ancient art form. Now have 3 trees, 2 of them wired.

Just discovered Regina Spektor. "The Calculation" is sooo cool. "Make a computer out of macaroni pieces, which did our thinking while we lived our life."

Biking. It's in the garage for the Winter.

Bought Photoshop Elements 8 for Xmas. Now I'll decorate home with my own art.

In: Bonsai, Regina, Elements 8
Out: Biking, watching talking heads on political shows.

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