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Pioneer Press or Pioneer Pest?
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Post Pioneer Press or Pioneer Pest? 
I have been getting a lot of phone calls from Pioneer Press 651-288-2874, soliciting the paper subscription. Every time, I told them that I have the other paper and I had tried Pioneer Press before, but never cared for it. But these soliciting calls simply never stop.

I know the newspaper industry is struggling. Their readership is down and the ad revenue can't sustain their operation. I can only sympathize, but I am not willing to pay for something I don't need.

Trying to sell your product is one thing and becoming a pain in the neck is another.

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The hilarious thing is that they (the newspaper industry) can't seem to figure out how to make Internet news work for them. Their sites are generally slightly better than sites from1998 or so. They've got reliable videos now, I suppose. But pod casts and the ability to have moderated discussions between registered users regarding current events or what have you. It's all right there, waiting to be tied together.

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Post Pioneer Press or Pest? 
The marketing company for Pioneer Press, AKA Pioneer Pest, just doesn't take "No." for an answer. The company's name is "Marketing Resource". They always call from 651-288-2874. I have told them more than 20 times that I don't read this stupid Pioneer Press, but they just keep calling and calling.

I would love see this Pioneer Pest go out business someday soon.

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