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Shish Brunch
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Shish brunch-http://shishcafe.net/index.php?contentID=189

First off- Thumbs down

I feel bad stepping down on a restaurant when I haven't given their full menu a whirl and moreso when the one suggesting we eat there is dear friend, but the experience we had (in addition to the food) was sub-par at best.

Located on Grand Ave. in Saint Paul, they specialize in what I've been told is great middle-Eastern/Mediterranean fare (Which we had hoped would translate into a unique and flavorful breakfast experience. To be fair, my date exhibited reservations regarding their brunch in advance. But whatever. She hates Greek food. Communist )

Our first clue was when they had informed us that the French Toast was the only thing on the menu that was sold out. (And what my date and friend had both had a serious jones for) We ordered the following: Pancakes, a Spinach Omelet, Crab Cake eggs benedict, and a side of chicken sausage.

First, the wait was ridiculous for such a small place. (And I don't mind waiting...if the food is really good it can be worthwhile) But we were about ready to eat our own heads it took so long. My friend got his pancakes first, and was nearly done with them before he stopped to set his fork down to wait for the rest of us. The pancakes? Underdone and small.

The crab cakes egg Benedict was a bit of a disappointment as well. As my date described it, the "crab cake" was a little more than a Van de Kamps fish stick on an English Muffin. (The only remotely "Mediterranean" spin on it was a piece of pita wedged between the fish stick and egg.) My omelet was...meh. Folded over and thin as a tortilla there was nothing remarkable about it at all. (It took liberal doses of pepper and Tabasco to make it palatable) Lastly, the chicken sausage was the only thing that had a unique flavor , but was buried in a wilty spinach and onion melange.

Two of our dishes were served with cafeteria-quality rosemary potatoes and some fresh fruit, but it was really all we could do to get out of there and start forgetting we chose to eat there in the first place. Maybe it was because we had such a great brunch the weekend prior at the Good Earth ( Thumbs way up) but I felt really let down. I may still give her a whirl for lunch or dinner (maybe) but I won't be running back. Go to Pizza Luce'.

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great middle-Eastern/Mediterranean fare

- Holy Land on Central Ave in NE Mpls
- Caspian Bistro near Stadium Village/UMN
- Emily's Lebanese Deli, NE Mpls
- Mediterranian Cruise, Eagan
- Da Afghan, Bloomington

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Beirut in St. Paul!

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Post Reminds me of the time I ordered . . . 
pineapple-upside down cake from an exremely limited dessert menu at a northside restaurant near a garage where I was having some work done. They gave me a glazed donut on a pineapple
ring, not exactly what I had in mind. It was godawful. One bite was one too many.

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