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Back pain
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Post Back pain 
I did something abominable to my lower back.

I think it might have happened on Wednesday, when I was carrying two folding tables down two flights of stairs. In any case, I've been in pain ever since Wednesday night. I've tried ibuprofen (lots), alternating heat and ice, relaxing, hot baths, took Friday off work, avoiding strenuous activity, (really any activity at all), and still, the pain is debillitating. At this point, it's moving past physical pain into mental anxiety.

Anyone ever strained their lower lumbar? How long did it take to feel better? Any tips on what to do?


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Yes, I was in a serious motorcycle accident flew thru the air and landed on my back in the middle of the road, and was promptly ran over by a car. Needless to say I had some back pain for about a year, I went to chiropractors for a while but they just made things worse, I found out by accident that sleeping on hard floors (because I had no bed) seemed to help my back and now Iím 100% cured.

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Post Try Acupuncture 
Never use pain killers - they offer only temporary relief, but the pain will come back with a vengence.

Chiropractor is good. I'd also recommend acupuncture. It is natural. It stimulates your body's own healing power.

I know Amy Nystrom. She is a licensed acupuncturist, absolutely the BEST. Her web site at:

Minneapolis Acupuncture

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Have you ever heard of a pain lotion called ExtRemedy?
It won't cure what is causing your pain, but will offer instant relief.
It is an amazing lotion that uses a wave of Energy to block the pain signals
from being sent to your brain. Sounds weird, but it really works!
I use it on all kinds of pain, headache, back ache, muscle soreness, restless leg syndrome...
I could go on and on. Ask for it at your drug store or call 1-800-717-5148 to order it.
A 4 oz. bottle of the lotion is around $25 and an 8 oz. bottle is $40.
Believe me it's worth it!

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