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Kevin Garnett- A Right To Pout?
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Post Kevin Garnett- A Right To Pout? 
I admire Kevin Garnett, who appears to be a class act on and off the NBA court. I, like many others, am thoroughly sick of the inept, disinterested management of the Timberwolves personified by Kevin McHale. We'd all love to see Garnett's sterling career capped off with a championship or at least a deep run or two into the playoffs. I'm mystified, however, by people who claim the Wolves "owe" Kevin Garnett a strong supporting cast to play with, and that he has a right to pout or walk away if they don't assemble one for him.

Kevin Garnett is one of the highest paid atheletes in the history of the planet. I don't see where he has any more right than you do to refuse to perform if management fails to employ coworkers to his liking. Call me stupid, but I think for $20-25 million dollars a year, if management told me to put on a clown nose and floppy shoes and play basketball, it'd be Ronald McDonald time, like it or not. If managment decides to run their team into the ground, that's their priviledge. The customers will stay away in droves, and the business will deservedly crumble from peddling a shoddy product. That's the way the world goes 'round. For Kevin, at the end of the day, it's just a J.O.B.

Anybody else reading this get to pick their job mates? Let's hear about it!

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