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US Tolerates Islam- But Will Islam Tolerate US?
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Post US Tolerates Islam- But Will Islam Tolerate US? 
Recently completed a disturbing read on ad hoc student groups that are taking over university campuses in Pakistan. The students are, predictably enough, radical Islamists, who have decided to impose their own moral code on the entire student body. Music and performance arts are banned. Dress codes are enforced. Male and female interaction of any sort is forbidden. Those who violate the code are confronted, physically attacked, and ejected from campus. The entire student body is terrified of them, and graduates belonging to the group are considered prime prospects for political office. The scene is repeated over and over in countries all over the Middle East, East Africa and Asia.

Can't happen here? I disagree. In Britain, Muslims are setting up their own courts of law, hearing cases, and passing judgement by Islamic Code, entirely outside the British legal system. In Minnesota, Muslim cab drivers illegally refuse to carry passengers who violate their own religious code, and Muslims demand their own segregated prayer rooms in airports. Muslim women file lawsuits demanding to be photographed for driver's licenses with their faces covered in veils. US laws prohibiting the narcotic khat are routinely ignored in the name of "cultural tradition", and numerous cases of female genital mutilation continue to be prosecuted. In Dearborn, MI, the Muslim call to prayer is broadcast on loudspeakers throughout the city, and Muslims have the majority of school board seats and are pushing for school policy based on Muslim beliefs.

In short, a growing number of the Muslim faith have demanded full accomodation of their beliefs in our society, and often receive it. But it is clear that once an opportunity presents itself, a powerful minority within Islam insists that all society comply with their religious code, and show no hesitation whatsoever to use force to accomplish that end. If you've got a problem with the Ku Klux Clan and the Aryan Nations using hooded vigilante gangs to impose their ideas on our communities, you'd better keep a close eye on the Muslims.

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Post Re: US Tolerates Islam- But Will Islam Tolerate US? 
thrice wrote:
In Minnesota, Muslim cab drivers illegally refuse to carry passengers who violate their own religious code

I agree that these things are troubling, but I also extend the examples of religious people expecting special rights to things like Christian pharmacists refusing to fill birth control prescriptions and bus drivers refusing to drive buses carrying ads for Lavendar Magazine.

Do these instances trouble you as well, or is it just the Muslims getting uppity?

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Post Ow 
Mixed bag there, Dora.

I think Walmart, like any other private business, has the right to stock or not stock products that offend the personal values of the owners. If they do stock the product, and an employee refuses to sell it, I think the store management has a personnel problem to deal with. The person is clearly in work that is incompatible with their belief system, and needs to find another position. No different from a Mormon who won't sell alcohol. Bad fit for the business.

As for the bus driver, different story. They are a public employee driving public transport. They have no right to dictate what will be advertised on the transport. If they refuse to drive, they should be terminated.

The cab drivers are a different story altogether. After I read the story about the refusals to transport, I was travelling at the airport, and read a large poster at the security entrance. It clearly stated that the airport facility, businesses at the facility, and contractors serving the facility could discriminate against no one on the basis of race, religion, etc. Clearly refusing to transport a person who does not adhere to Muslim law is discriminating on the basis of religion, and is a violation of Federal law. I doubt, however, that anyone will have the nerve to enforce it.

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Post Re: Ow 
thrice wrote:

The cab drivers are a different story altogether.

Why? It sounds like we're on the same page here, Thrice, and you agree that the conservative religious individuals looking to be exempted from the duties of their job are all out of line. Or did I misread you?

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Post Subtle Differences, But Important 
Different answers, Dora.

The pharmacist works at the discretion of their private employer. If they refuse to sell a particular product, that is the private employer's puzzle to solve. It is not a public issue.

The bus driver is a public employee of Met Council. They have not refused service to anyone. They have refused to perform their job. They are not employed at a policy making level, and may not refuse to work and still retain their job. Many of us differ from the policies and practices of our employers. At some point, we may have to choose between beliefs and our jobs. That employee's rights and methods of redress are defined in their labor contract and law, not as they choose to define them. This is an employee who does not or will not understand their legal situation.

The cab drivers are a different situation. Under the law, they are providing a public accomodation as a licensed vendor permitted to work the airport. Due to that special circumstance, they cannot refuse to provide service on the basis of religion. They have no discretion on that point. The law defines their duties clearly. It is legally no different than refusing to carry a passenger on the basis of race.

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