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Gopher football stadium.
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Post Gopher football stadium. 
Many of us in the cities enjoy our very own Golden Gopher football team, and nowadays, plans of a brand new stadium have emerged from the waterworks. Do our Gophers really need a brand new stadium to play in? Sure it may be slightly inconvenient to travel to the cities when it comes time for a game. But wouldn't a bigger inconvenience for people be forcing college students, who have very little money as it is to pay extra money for a stadium that a large amount of students don't even want to have anyways?

Additionally, a problem around the University of Minnesota is their complete lack of parking. What kind of logic is it that we would be getting rid of parking that we desperately need in order to build a stadium that many don't want and we definetly do not need.

The U of M has survived without an extra stadium for this long, so why can't they survive for even longer?

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I totally agree that building this new stadium is going to create so much headache for those who don't have contract parkings at the U. The proposed stadium will be built on the land which is being used for several huge parking lots. I used to take the bus to work, but from time to time, I had to drive and I parked at one of those lots. Where does the U expect those who commute by car park once those parking lots are gone?

The U learned the whining tactics from Vikings and Twins when it comes to a new stadium. Now they finally got their wish. But a team won't win simply because they play at a different stadium. If the U really wants to improve their football team, they should get a better coach. Glen Mason couldn't even win a toilet bowl.

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I don't think the Gophers need their own stadium, the Metrodome really isn't that far, about a 45 min walk away. The group that I see giving it the most support is the marching band. Right now the band of over 300 people is being stuffed into the basement of Northrop. I don't know how many people here have tried putting on 15 lbs of uniform while inches from 4 other people putting on 15lbs of uniform while standing on a slant in a dimly lit basement while trying to find somewhere to put a not so cheap instrument, but it is somewhat difficult. The band would also like to be able to parade to their own stadium, and not have to bus there. It's a hard life for a band geek, though I can't say it justifies building a stadium on much needed parking ground. Maybe just build a band locker room out by their practice feild?

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