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Hanad Samantar - Another TC Swindler
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Post Hanad Samantar - Another TC Swindler 
During the past three years, Hanad Samantar has scammed at least five women he met in Minneapolis bars and nightclubs out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Full story.

Hanad Samantar told the women he was an undercover FBI informant, a diamond importer, a Timberwolves sports agent or a high-end accountant. He claimed he drove a Range Rover, but he lives in a Minneapolis ghetto. This loser is an unemployed cab driver.

Like Bronson McNeal, who lives to con women for money and sex, Hanad Samantar has a bad gambling habit. His tally at Mystic Lake is over $1.6M. He often asked the women to drive him to a casino, then told them he forgot his checkbook in his Range Rover which was in a shop. He proceeded to ask these women to sponsor his gambling addiction.

Unlike Bronson McNeal, who asked his date $7000 on the first date, Hanad Samantar started out low by "borrowing" small amounts and gradually increased the amounts once he "earned" some confidence.

It sounds like the police is building a case against him, but now they can't locate this swindler. The police is asking more victims to come forward.

It is mind-boggling how these con artists can so easily pull of such scams. Are we Mid-Westerners too naive or are we too trusting? I really doubt if these crooks would have such an easy time in a city like NYC or Boston or even Chicago.

Ladies, here is a tip. Next time before you give anyone over $100, why not first Google his name and see what comes up. If nothing comes up, go to this site:


Spend $50 and run a background check on him before taking out a line of credit.

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Thats it I'm moving to Eden Prairie

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Post Hanad Samantar Photo 
If you haven't seen this guy yet, he looks really gross. I am surprised any woman would even look at this guy, let alone go out and lend him money. What has this world come to?

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What do Hanad Samantar, Bronson McNeal and John Whitrock (Fishing Hat Bandit) have in common? Gambling addiction.

See this FOX 9's Tom Lyden's interview with John Whitrock.

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