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The Exhaustive Acne Treatment Thread
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Post The Exhaustive Acne Treatment Thread 
I've tried Proactiv, AcneFree, Nature's Cure, Aveda products, LUSH products, and prescription gels like Differin. Here's a rundown on what worked and didn't work for me. Chime in with your own experiences, problems, solutions, and miracle cures.

-burned slightly, but nothing I couldn't handle
-skin became very dry and papery after 3 days' use
-after 4 days, skin seemed to clear up quite a bit
-however, after 6 days, pimples came back in full force

-don't. even. bother. Worthless product.

-I used the skin creams they used to have. They have a new acne line out now that it said to work miracles, but I haven't tried it. The old stuff didn't do much at all.
-My skin got softer but the pimples remained.

-I used Angels on Bare Skin for many many months. This stuff worked really well, so long as my skin was behaving itself. However, as soon as I broke out, this just made all the pimples worse. There's a lot of oil in most LUSH face products; they are not for oily skin.
-I've also used Eau Roma toner. A clean smelling good overall toner. Nothing special.
-Sweet Japanese Girl is waxy and bad. I don't recommend it at all.

-Best thing I've used so far. I use the Scar Fade lotion, not the actual acne prevention kit. The Scar Fade lotion contains hydroquinone, so you CANNOT mix it with any benzoyl peroxide products like Clearasil or Proactiv or you will get dark spots.
-Skin is smoother and softer, pimples are slowly disappearing, but effectively going away.

So spill! What's your regimen?

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Post Pulsed Light for Acne 
One leading cause of acne is the proliferation of bacteria inside hair follicles. Treatments with antibiotics are often associated with severe side effects. Clinical studies have shown that the exposure to blue light is effective in killing bacteria and reducing the severity of acne.

We provide laser treatment for acne and acne scar. Check out our web site:

Acne Treatment Minneapolis

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I too have tried multiple acne treatments, however, Nature's Cure actually was working for me for a while, I mean a couple years. My acne has gotten worse with in the past year and a half though and I finally went to see a dermatologist, which I highly recommend doing in the first place. I think that self medicating with crappy over the counter meds may have contributed to the resistance of my acne now.

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Post I found a good cleanser; Anyone have a Zeno? 
I'm having a lot of success with Neutrogena's Clear Pore Cleanser and Mask. What's great is that it actually has *3* uses.

1) You use it like a wash
2) You use it like a mask
3) You leave it on overnight on spots as a zit treatment and it almost vanishes them.

Seriously, give it a try. Cheap, easily available at Walgreen's or Snyder's, doesn't have a stinky smell, nonburning, and feels good when you use it.

Does anyone have one of these Zeno things? It looks promising, if expensive... if you have one, tell me what you think, please!

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