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Gopher Football- Catch the Buzz!
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Wow, even a blind pig occasionally finds an acorn...

I had no idea what potential a Dean Zimmerman coached Gopher football team had when I casually tossed it out in another thread.

Think about it. Local guy. He'd work for peanuts. Not a real stickler for morale-busting rules. Familiar with payola. And he'd have no problem with the players smoking a little reefer before, during and after the games. What a recruiting dream!

We could pack the team with players that would fit Dean's casual approach to drug laws and ethics. Slide in a bunch of pros playing under assumed names for bags of cash and a steady supply of primo bud and Bam- What a lineup!

Randy Moss and Michael Irvin at receiver.
Marcus Vick as QB.
Ricky Williams and Maurice Clarett at RB (whoops, might have to wait for parole on Maurice, too)

And those are just the skill players. Warren Sapp could scout around and find us a bunch of linemen to fill the offensive and defensive trenches. Or we could just scan the "drug test flunk" list from the NFL every week.

I can see it now. Our new team- THE ACAPULCO GOLDEN GOPHERS


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