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Pulling a Dorajar... ;)
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Post Pulling a Dorajar... ;) 
Okay, okay, we get it.

Religious frauds like Tony Alamo and others are the scum of the earth and the fact they're breathing free air is unjust.


However, the tone of this thread is getting increasingly negative toward religion, which has it's place, but...

Fact of the matter is, statistically, there are still more teachers involved in child-sex crimes each year than there are religious leaders.


Let's try this!

Regardless of your religion of preference, whether you currently practice that faith or not...

Can anyone here share some fond memories of their interactions with houses of worship or whatever your religion calls them? Or maybe relate a tale about a religious leader who you felt lived up to the responsibility of his/her role?

I have to believe there are some good experiences out there in the world of faith. It's easy to point out shams, criminals and the bad stuff.

It'd be nice, for the sake of a bit of balance, to hear about some good experiences.

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As a teenager (17) I was arrested along with a friend (16) and put in jail in Tijuana Mexico for a traffic violation. We had spent all our money and so we were stuck in a very bad place until someone paid our fine $ 50.00 dollars a piece.

While we were standing in our jail cell that was about 12 by 12 with a dozen people in it. We noticed some American women that were going from cell to cell handing out clothes and food.

We told them our circumstances and they paid our fine allowing us to get out of a very bad situation.

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I was raised Catholic. My mom's side of the family is very, very Catholic. I went to Catholic school for 7th-12th grades. I have known countless moral, upstanding, wonderful Christians. Before Catholic school, I attended the International School of Minnesota where my two best friends were Jewish and Muslim. Their families were warm and welcoming and lovely. I have nothing against people of faith. My problem is with people who think that their way is the only way, and anyone who views the world differently is a heathen, a scoundrel, or simply misguided, without ever making an effort to reach out or try on other perspective. Those people come in all shapes, sizes, and denominations, just as good-hearted beautiful spirits do.


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