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Childress a Goner?
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Listening to the ESPN wrap up last night, I was amazed that Brad Childress was not among the NFL coaches discussed as strong candidates for firing.

I can't imagine why not. Past Vikings teams have posted much better records with considerably less talent than this one has. I don't buy the "jell" theory of integrating new players. Yes, there is a period of adjustment needed, but after several months of practice, any new teammates learn to work with and adjust to new playing partners. The basic skills remain the same on any team- it's just a matter of learning a specific coach's system, and very few of those are truly radical.

Yes, there are some glaring position weaknesses. No quarterback on the roster is going to blow anybody away. There isn't a receiver on the squad that scares anyone. The defensive line plays the run very well, but puts little pressure on opposing QB's. But we also brought in a number of highly paid, well regarded stars to enhance the roster, and they haven't played up to potential at all. At worst, this should have been an 8-8 or 9-7 team.

I don't see anything distinguised about Childress at all. His offense is unimaginative and utterly predictable. He obviously has a very distant relationship with his players, and when you see players who have remained quiet all year suddenly start to criticize the coach, you should see red flags. It wasn't one or two, but several, and not people with histories of being team disrupters. It's also obvious that the local press writers have little use for Childress or his smug and aloof attitude, and have made it clear that they aren't even going to bother playing nice with him because he won't do his share on that relationship with the media.

I'd love to see a change. Don't know who I'd replace him with. But I really doubt it will happen, because Ziggy Wilf seems like a guy who, like Glen Taylor and Kevin McHale, can't bring himself to admit that he's made a mistake, and will instead tell you that you are too ignorant to recognize his genius.

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It's his first year. Yeesh. Have the guy hire an offensive coordinator, whether he likes it or not, and leave it at that.

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Considering the amount of trouble he inherited from both Tice and Greene, Childress has managed okay. The Vikes are still losing, but I suggest we give the man some time to work before calling for his head on a platter.

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