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Jobs Of Your Ancestors
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Post Jobs Of Your Ancestors 
Most of us today would like to consider ourselves rather sophisticated- chatting on our cell phones, jotting in our Palm Pilots or Blackberries, bopping to our I-Pods, and flitting around in our climate controlled computerized cars. Much of our lives today were only fantasies in the minds of Jules Vern and Tom Swift a couple of generations back.

A large percentage of us are in occupations that require little or no manual labor. It's hard to imagine that, on an Earth whose population was primarily engaged in subsistance agriculture not much more than 100 years ago, the vast majority of our ancestors were probably lower class and digging vegetables of some kind out of the soil with a wooden hoe.

As a thinking point as to how the world has changed, share the occupations of your parents and both sets of grandparents if you can. I'll kick it off here:

Parents: Automotive engineer, elementary school teacher

Maternal G-Parents: Carpenter/assembly line worker, kitchen helper

Paternal G-Parents: Structural iron worker, candy maker

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Parents: Executive for a national non-profit; day-trader

Maternal G-parents: seamstress; machinist

Paternal G-parents: stay-at-home mom; stockbroker

Paternal great G-parents: cashier in a parking garage of GM in Detroit; barber

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Both parents: electrical engineers

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Parents: Mom- teacher, Dad- Chemical Engineer
Maternal Grandparents: her: homemaker, him: foundry worker
Paternal Grandparents: her: Dr's office assistant, then homemaker, him: farm implement sales

Before that...

LOTS of farmers both in Germany & Czechoslovokia

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Mother -- English/writing teacher; Father -- electrical engineer/plant manager

P.Gs. -- Farmers

M.Gs. -- Don't know. Grandmother's car stalled on RR tracks and with train coming, she wrapped herself around baby. Mother survived, Grandmother didn't. (In her defense, cars were much less reliable in the mid-30s, RR crossings more dangerous.)

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Mom: Mostly a stay-at-home mom, but ran a successful upholstery shop for about 15 years.
Dad: Meat processing worker at Hormel. WWII vet from European front, served in transportation pool driving officers around in Jeeps.

Materal Grandma: Stay at home mom
Maternal Grandpa: Never met him, but from what I understand, worked at "the creamery" and perhaps the railroad.

Paternal Grandma: Stay at home mom
Paternal Grandpa: Never met him, but from what I understand, may have been a farmer or a factory worker.

So a lot of blue-collar in my background. Should be noted that I was adopted, but I don't know much about what my family of biological origin did... I know that at the time I met her many years ago, my bioMom was working in an accounting/tax preparer's office.

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Mom: Doctor's office assistant, then clerk at MN State office, then homemaker, then daycare provider, then politician/civic community leader, now retired

Dad: Baker (union), from age 14, at various companies

Maternal Grandmother: Homemaker, iron worker, housekeeping at St. Scholastica in Duluth

Maternal Grandfather: unsure of career before he met my Grandma, then served in the armed forces, then custodian at a high school

Paternal Grandparents - Dad was an orphan

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