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Bank Affinity Plus Credit Union - Banking in peace
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Recently, after not using my Wells Fargo account for months and moved without telling them, I got a letter that the account is closed, and I've been charged. Naturally, I called them up on their toll free number and asked, well, why? I was told the charge, which incidentally amounts to exact cash in the account, was for mails that got retunred to them. Why did I not change my address with them? We would open the account if you want and credit your account again. Sure, thanks buy. And here is the new address. Recently, I was at the branch to make a deposit. Your account has been closed I was told, because it had a zero balance. It turned out, I was charged for making that call and when that was not enough, they took the balance from my over-draft. I was told that's their policy. News to me. Well, sir, I've been here more than a year and it's always been that way.

Who needs that? On your hard earn cash?

You need a bank but must not settle for that. So, Bank Affinity Plus Credit Union. You'd love the experience. They treat you with dignity and respect. They don't make money on fees. Yes, they have cash access machines all over the place. Did I mention you don't have to pay them for talking to them about YOUR money that they are holding? Sorry, you don't.

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Good to know. I can't stand Wells Fargo. I have way too many stories to even list here! What really gets me is the amount of money they make every year from their overdraft fees. There are a huge number of people on tons of online forums that rant about their practices.

I would vote for Wells Fargo being the most evil bank. I've even told a WF phone banker once that he was going to hell... Twisted Evil He hung up on me. Laughing

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