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You do it, and you love it! It's your ultimate high, and whether it's motorcycling, sculling, bicycling, tennis, yachting, winter sports, water sports or bungee jumping, you never get enough of it.

BUT- five, ten, or forty years from now, will you long for pictures of those special times you now enjoy--and the special people you enjoy them with? We can make certain you will have no regrets over pictures that were never taken. How? Simply invite us along the next time you plan a day of enjoying your favorite sport. We'll catch the pleasure and excitement of your peak moments in still photos or video.

You pick the time and place, and we'll be there with our cameras to make sure you'll have a great record of doing what you do best- enjoying yourself!

Dave G

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Sounds like a very unique venture that you in. I haven't really heard much about this.

Do you have a gallery which folks can see? I think people might like to see them. I know I would.

I'm always looking for photographers for clients, but I have yet to have anyone come to me who is interested in showcasing this type of thing. Perhaps I could help promote you, online.

Give me a jingle by phone or email.

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