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Paul Douglas- Finds Gold In Clouds
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Post Paul Douglas- Finds Gold In Clouds 
His parents know him as Douglas Paul Kruhoeffer. You know him as the often annoying weather elf on WCCO television. Wall Street just knows him as the weatherman who knows how to turn clouds into gold.

Paul Douglas, nee Kruhoeffer, is a Lancaster, PA native who has been WCCO's weather reporter since 1998. He began in the meteorology business as a $20 per week weatherman at a local radio station- at 16 years old. Since graduating from Penn State, he has worked at a number of television and radio stations, and has spent his off time developing weather-based businesses and has written a book, "Restless Skies", which has been favorably reviewed and is available on such mainstream outlets as BarnesandNoble.com. His entrempenureal efforts have gained him notice in Business Week and other serious financial publications.

Douglas finally hit the grand slam last week, with the sale of his company Digital Cyclone to Garmin, the GPS mapping device manufacturer, for $45 million. Digital Cyclone is a Web-based weather reporting service launched in 1998 that provides free customized weather reports to individuals via cell phone while exposing them to advertisements from a paying client base, and reportedly has over 150,000 users registered. The service is also available on a pay subscription basis to weather-sensitive businesses that rely on timely updated forcast information.

Even though he seems to have been around forever, Douglas is only 47 years old. He's got quite a list of achievements to boast of in that short lifetime. So the next time you see him reporting on WCCO and wince at one of his corny jokes, just remember that he's doing it because he loves studying and talking about the weather. He sure doesn't need the money anymore!


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Well, good for Paul Douglas.

I don't find him nearly as annoying as some of the news anchors and reporters on 'CCO.

The guy works at W-C-C-O
Tells us of sun, rain and snow
If the forecast is wrong
He might hum a song
But we know the wind will still blow.

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Post Paul Douglas 
On the KQ92 morning show, Tom Bernard and his crew often poked fun at Paul Douglas. It sounded like Paul Douglas often bragged on air how well he treated his wife. Does he really have to let the whole town know where he "took" his wife to dinner or vacation? Perhaps he was trying to tell all his female fans that he is taken already.

He is the weather man I watched the least.

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I thought that when Paul Douglas first became the weather guy on KARE-11 (which had different call letters back then), he was a snot.

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Post Paul Douglas 
I don't like Paul Douglas as a meteorologist, but you have to give him credit for building a successful business. That is not easy.

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