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Muzzle that beast!!
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Post Muzzle that beast!! 
So here I am at home, enjoying the holiday in my bathrobe, sipping coffee on the couch, and I would be in relaxation nirvana if it weren't for one maddening thing:

our downstair's neighbor's dog won't shut the hell up.

It's been barking for 5 minutes straight, and my nerves are fried.

We live in a duplex, and the lady who lives downstairs is very nice, and we don't have any problems with her except this one thing. Her dogs bark every time someone comes in the front door downstairs, and apparently anytime someone walks by outside. When she's home, she usually hushes them up eventually, but when she's not it just goes on...and on...

Yup. Still barkin'.

What's a girl to do???? Evil or Very Mad

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Post Irresponsible Dog Owners 
I'd talk to the landlord first. If the dog barks at night, call the police.

On my block, there is a house that has 2 vicious dogs. I walk outside as much as I can, but almost everytime I walk past that home, even on the other side of the street, these 2 dogs come out chasing and barking at me. The home seems to have an inviisble fence since these 2 beasts never left their property. Their property covers a large land at the corner of the block. So, these 2 dogs keep barking and chasing me while I walk around the corner. A couple of times, the dog owner called the dogs, but that never stopped them. I grew up with the fear of dogs, so this really makes me uncomfortable.

The fear in my mind is "What if those 2 dogs jump over the invisible fence?" I called the city police but was told that as long as the dogs bark and chase me inside their property, the police can't do anything.

I understand the love those dog owners have to their companions, but they should also act responsibly to keep their dogs from threatening others.

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Yup. Still barkin'.

What's a girl to do????

You could tape the barking and play it for the woman to let her know how disruptive it is, then if she doesn't handle the problem, call and report it to the proper authorities.

Beter would be to offer to walk the dog occasionally and see if she'll give you a key to her place so you can take the poor bored dog out and tire it out.

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You can actually offer your assistance to your neighbor as well. Barking is a common problem with many dogs. Owners find it "cute" when puppies bark to be fierce, but that simply teaches the dog that you approve of the behavior.

The least harmful and most often effective ways to curb barking is to take an empty pop can, put a few pennies into it, then tape the hold shut. Whenever her dog barks, tell her to shake the can, then tell him/her "No Bark!" firmly, or "Leave it!". The noise from the can startles the dog out of his or her barking long enough for the owner to get their attention without requiring any more forceful ways to get them to stop barking.

As long as you are consistent it should help.

But, it requires your neighbor's cooperation.

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I like the idea of offering to help.

The thing I miss most about living with my old roommate is walking his dog.

Might try offering that. Thank you!!


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Well, I guess I'm not the only one with pet peeves.

Out of 21 households in two block, there are 13 dogs. One house has three: two St. Bernards, a beagle, and some times they have a little yapper. They bark and bay and yap if an ant walks by. There's a small mutt next door to that house that rarely barks but the owners take it out to defecate on the property of others and don't clean it up.

Dorajar, you don't like it when a dog barks five minutes? I wish. A dog a block and a half away will wail for two hours straight. People seem to have some genetic or cultural need to own a dog and then ignore it. It's unfair and usually illegal to shoot the mutts, and totally illegal to shoot the owners. What d'ya do? Like Odin, I've heard of people who tape the barking of annoying dogs and then play it back to owners in the wee hours. But so many people ignore odd-hour calls.

I've only owned one dog in my life. He was the world's best dog, really. But he barked at disturbances, such as deer and gophers. I needed him to keep the deer out of my orchard. Not a problem in the country, but a big problem in town; he would have been barking all the time. Not fair to him or the neighbors. When I sold my land, he went with it. I am dogless because I could never find another like him.

Right, LadyM, you want Terry to help with the vicious dogs? How much flesh can he lose before the dogs figure he's harmless?

Terry, you have a serious and potentially dangerous problem. I suspect the dogs have those collars that zap them if they cross a sensor wire that's buried at the edges of the property. But what if the thing malfunctions, or the batteries go bad? Yes, the dogs are trained not to cross that line, but Pavlovian conditioning has its limits, and even dogs forget, if the motivation is strong enough. Do you want to be the one to find out? What about somebody's children? This should be pursued further with the authorities. There are nuisance laws to govern such. Such laws also cover barking. Part of my problem is the mayor has a barker, and he lives in my neighborhood.

When some idiot in my town got a couple pitbulls--and they were mean--I carried a .357 around. When they got rid of the dogs, I quit packin'. You might consider a firearm, but how fast are you on the draw? I once shot two dogs that were in our yard snarling and barking, and threatening my family when we arrived home one night. I tried to chase them away, but they wouldn't leave, and they had no tags. I was afraid to get my kids out of the van. I figured the dogs were feral, and I shot them. I felt sort of bad afterwards and talked to the sheriff. He said I was totally justified. I later found out they were expensive hunting dogs; but hey, the owner was violating the law by not tagging them. Too bad for the dogs. I hope he learned. He keeps his dogs in a kennel now, but they also bark for an hour at a time.

I wouldn't poison a dog, but when I hear of that happening, I can understand the frustration that leads to such acts. This country has two many neglected dogs and stupid, negligent owners.

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I hate this kinda stuff. But what I hate more is when everyone says "Go to the landlord".

No. Part of the reason we are so divided these days in our community is because we don't talk to our neighbors. Go over there and explain nicely that it's loud and disruptive and ask if you can do anything to help (good thinking, dora). Or better yet ask her to come next door and have coffee for five minutes and then do it that way.

Whenever I have a neighbor who is maybe playing music too loud, a quick knock and polite, "I'm sorry to bother you but would you mind turning it down a bit" always helps, and if the person has any sort of conscience, they will always be considerate after that. If they don't oblige, tuck a polite note under the door. Why 2 chances? It's possible that someone ELSE living in the house/apt. OTHER than the person you talked to, is making the noise or disruption. If after that you still fail, THEN you go to the landlord.

Often times just banging on their side of the wall or calling the LL to complain only drives a wedge between neighbors. Why would you want to do that? I would want to be friends with mine, as much as possible. You never know when one orthe other might need something or need help one day, whether it be an emergency or whatever.

I have neighbors who have 2 tropical birds, and 2 dogs all of which are very vocal. I once told them about 1 time where the dog was a bit much one morning. After that always ask me to let them know if they are ever loud or bothersome because they want to know. Perhaps this woman doesn't realize how bad it is from outside her walls! You'd be surprised to find she may not.

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