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American Idol returns
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Post American Idol returns 
Once again we're being deluged with ads for the new, fabulous, and wildly popular season of American Idol. I can hardly wait. I managed to avoid it except for a few moments channel surfing all last season but so far I don't see any change from then to now.

I've got a few questions.

1) who watches this show, and why?
2) Why to they insist on putting on folks who couldn't carry a tune in a bucket just for the opportunity to ridicule and shame them on national TV?
3) Who really believes the "cinderella" version of this show is real?

The longer this show, Survivor, and any number of other "reality" tv shows go on, the more I start to feel like that old Arnold movie The Running Man or the new Dr Who episodes are coming to life.

I've noticed co-workers who can recite all the characters of their evening "soap" masquerading as crime drama or hospital drama but could not name more than 1 state government official. People talk about characters in TV sitcoms like we used to discuss relatives...or at least people we know! I've even noticed that Fox 9 now includes a special portion of the morning news show just for American Idol.

When did American Idol episodes become "hard news"?

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1) I am one of those watching American Idol. Love it. I watch it for the chemistry between Simon, Randy and Paula, first and foremost. Plus, I love the "deluded wannabes" in the open audition episodes. By the time we get to the final cut, my interest levels off a bit, but by then I'm emotionally invested in seeing if one or two of my favorites make it all the way.

2) The better question is, why didn't someone tell all these tone-deaf idiots, "Don't do it! You can't sing!" They all sign releases and know the deal. If they want their 15 seconds of fame for being jackasses on national TV, or are so deluded that they actually believe the CAN sing when they can't, they deserve what they get, either way...

3) I think the final 12 are genuinely competing for the honor. I think Simon strategizes his comments to make sure the votes come out the way he wants them to. And I think last year's winner didn't deserve to win. Sorry, Taylor Hicks! You suck!

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