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Great Thai food
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Post Great Thai food 
If you're close by St. Paul and Fridley, you're short on cash, you need to impress that first date who has an open mind, and many more reasons you'd discover yourself, then Taste of Thailand, in either of these cities is the place you want to be. I have been eating at this family owned business for years. I have not once been dissapointed. Great food, and if you have a sense of humour, your servers will meet you. And the price, well, let's put it this way; cheap. Go try it out, come back here, and tell me with all honesty that you did not like it. I will publicy say I'm sorry. If you don't eat msg or nuts, tell 'em. Go, have fun, eat and be merry. Did I mention the tea?

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Post Magic Thai 
I love Magic Thai. Its small and cozy, sort of a ma and pop type of place. Since I work close by we go there for lunch quite often. It is cheap and delicious. I love spicy, and they're one of the few places that really pushes spice if you want it.

It is located in Eagan off of 35E and Lone Oak Road. Check it out!! Laughing

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Post Sawatee Thai Restaurant 
Sawatee seems to be a popular Thai choice here. They have several locations. One that I really don't like is the one located at Washington & Portland, a couple of blocks from the Metrodome.

Not that the food is no good. It is the musty smell of the place. The smell is very strong and I noticed it every time I walked in. I think that is probably a sign that this place should not be a restaurant.

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I love Thai food and I've got to say, Sawatdee was the worst I've ever had.

How can you screw up Pad Thai? They did.

My wife ordered something a crocodile was likely to climb out of it any minute, by the looks of it. For you Star Wars nerds, it looked like the Dagobah System.

Thum Rup is pretty good, but the best is this place I can't remember the name of in Bloomington... damn it. Anybody know?

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