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Battle: Los Angeles
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Caught this box office hit yesterday on the cheapo matinee.

Pretty terrific special effects and invasion build up tension, but otherwise follows the same tired format as so many "straight from XBox" action film scripts. Interesting look at some modern day Marine weaponry that didn't exist when I was in the military but is apparently standard issue now (film is set in contemporary time frame). A lot of decent performances by little known actors playing the part of gung ho young military buckos anxious for their first taste of action, but film quickly deteriorated into a basic urban warfare flick with tastes of "Private Ryan" and "The Hurt Locker". Was hoping to see a bit more of Bridget Moynahan's acting chops (or maybe just Bridget period), but her highly-featured role was little more than a vague and somewhat terse love interest for the grizzled staff sergeant seeking redemption from his past.

Not a bad way to spend two hours, but I suspect you've seen this one before.

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