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Support Our Troops!
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Post Support Our Troops! 
At last I've heard a voice of reason, compassion and common sense regarding the situation in Iraq, and how it affects the troops and their families.

On Thursday, Jan 18th at Calvary Lutheran Church in Golden Valley a group of ministers met to discuss how to best deal with the influx of Iraq war veterans and their families. The main speaker, Major John Morris, deputy state chaplain of the MN National Guard pointed out that churches across the nation, including those in Minnesota will soon face this tidal wave of change, and asked for the help of the 300 pastors in attendance.

I'm glad to see people planning ahead, not just wailing about the unfairness of things, or decrying the political and economic motivation behind the war. In spite of anyone's political leanings, the men and women serving in Iraq, and their families will all be in need of help of one sort or another. Not only will they have financial hardship, but the mental and spiritual changes these people go through alter every aspect of their lives, most especially their family lives, and often churches are the first "line of defense" in helping ease the tension of adjusting back to civilian life.

The pastors were asked, no begged, for their assistance and understanding. But most of all they were asked to set aside their personal opinions about the war and simply to do their best to help.

I've seen it said time and again that if you don't support the war, you are disrespecting the troops serving there. I disagree. I have the utmost respect for the men and women serving in Iraq, often at great expense to themselves and their families. While I disagree with the premise of this "war" I believe we must do everything in our power to help the troops serving, and those who return after their service.

You can read more about the meeting mentioned earlier at

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The reason most folks join the military including the National Guard is so they can collect a pension after 20 years. My cousinís husband will be retiring soon, and he will be under 40 years old. Now he will be able to get a second job (if he wants) and collect his pension for life. So please tell me lady M why I should feel sorry for him financially.

I recently heard a wife of one of the Minnesota guardsmen crying to some reporter because her husband has to go to Iraq. She said she thought being in the Guard was about protecting Minnesota from invasion. Well I for one donít need their protection I doubt the cheese heads are going to attack anytime soon. Some of these soldiers are pathetic, they sign up for all the money and great benefits, but donít expect to have to fight or go to war.

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Post Weekend Warriors No More 
Thanks for the link. I'm glad to see the community being able to separate the political and the human issues, and realize that these Guard soldiers are being put in great danger. They have no choice in the matter, and the price they pay is high. While most believe that their primary mission is home defense and civil emergencies, they all face the possibility of deployment.

Since the full war mobilization of World War II, large scale callups of National Guard troops have been quite rare, but have increased a great deal in recent years. When I was in the service, we held Guards in some contempt as people who played soldier while the real Army suffered the real hardships. That is no longer the case. 23,000 were called up for the Vietnam War, and 8,700 actually went there. In Desert Storm, 75,000 Guard troops were called up. It's estimated that at least 20,000-30,000 are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, facing the same deadly danger as regular Army and Marine soldiers. Their families are no doubt terrified and devastated by this unexpected mass deployment. They all deserve our support and prayers as they endure these hardships while we stay at home in safety and comfort.

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"Their families are no doubt terrified and devastated by this unexpected mass deployment. "

Anybody who has been in the gaurd since the first Iraq War should be prepared to go to war, they have had plenty of time to drop out if they wanted to, this is not unexpected.

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