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Transgender Journey: Tanya To Ty
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Post Transgender Journey: Tanya To Ty 

Lisa Ling will be airing a report on this person this week. Nightline ran a teaser on the young woman last night who is undergoing hormone treatments and surgery to transform from female to male, and hopes to launch a career as a male underwear model, complete with enormous biceps and tribal tatoos.

I truly feel great sympathy and pity for people like this who suffer from such a great chasm between their minds and their physical being. But it's hard to celebrate this transformation when it involves becoming a bizarre caricature or parody of what the person thinks the other gender really is. I wish them all the best in dealing with their torment.

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I was out for brunch on Sunday and there was a transvestite at the place, an older guy in his late 40's or mid 50's not sure. Talked like a man. Dressed like a woman. A very ugly woman. Along the same lines as Norm Coleman's old employee, "Susan Kimberly" - middle aged man decides he wants to be an ugly middle-aged woman.

I just don't get it. Never will.

Like boys instead of girls? That's understandable. Like veggies instead of meat? Sure. Personal preference in each case.

But dressing up? Or going the next step, the medical route? Just doesn't make a bit of sense. And then demanding that society accommodate you in myriad bizarre ways like letting you use the wrong toilet, trying to get the pronouns changed on your driver's license or passport, etc?

Sorry. Don't impose your illness on others.

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citizenx wrote:

Sorry. Don't impose your illness on others.

How is someone living their own life as a man or a woman in any way imposing anything on you? Rolling Eyes Aren't you trying to impose your own ignorance and lack of imagination and compassion on them?

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