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Art = Incest?
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Post Art = Incest? 
The Minneapolis art scene is not something to fuck with, I'll get that right out of the way. We easily top the list for middle-west hubs of creativity. But, I wonder, to what good? What I mean is, the close-knit community of painters, musicians, designers, actors, dancers, sculptors and on down is too much that: close-knit. They hire each other, save smiles, switch band members like trading cards...what's a Target-draped (Mossimo, to be sure) college dropout like me to do? My point lies in the fact that the kind of community these cliques - though they're too big for that somewhat insulting word - create separates the artists and the audience into such distinct groups that the art begins to reflect in on itself, challenging the art history majors to understand, not the drywall installer. The audience becomes the other artists. Does that breed art more concerned with wowing it's own community than challenging a general audience? I'm not asking the Ben Olsen's (spelling?) to become Norman Rockwells. But isn't art the encapsulating and reaction of and to the supposed Normal? Not the Ouroboros vortex of the avant-garde, though that has it's place somewhere. Eventually the normies begin to disdain the arties (already happened), and vice-versa (already happened). Anyone go to the Soap Factory party on Saturday night? A veritable who be shakin' of the local arts scene. Fedora's presiding over V-neck sweaters knitted to crushed velvet sportcoats pinked away from the Volcom shirts and obvious brand choices. Very well-dressed, to be sure. But perhaps incestuous to a fault? Or unavoidable?

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Post keep it real 
I pretty much agree with you, accept that this incestual, self reflective quality the art world has developed is absolutley not something unique to Minneapolis. Yes, Minneapolis suffers from it, but over all its something modern Western art as a whole suffers from, much to its detriment in my opinion. In the spectrum of art history, it is totally anomalous to have an "art world" that is not embedded in everyday life, that does not take part in the community. Western art focuses so overwhelmingly on the individual and art for arts sake (self reflexive and made for the insiders) that its cut out the plumers, chefs, carpenters, what-have-you's of the world. THis is a very recent development in the lifespan of art. Just think back to the cave painters, and even the resnaisance artists- the common public had a value for art then, they knew how to approach it.
ANyway, what I'm saying is that your right, even more right than I think you know. Here in Minneapolis, however, we have the luxury within our self sufficient art world to criticize the hell out of this, to challange these new standards, reject art's current role in society and reshape into something new. After all, we have the support of our fellow artists and neighbors, right?

btw, I was at the Soap Factory on Saturday. It was out of control trendy cluster fucking madness. I hid in my studio for most of it. I did enjoy the free drinks though.

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You know I agree. I never could tolerate the incestuous nature youre referring to becuase nine times out of ten its not for the normal person which it should be. Its not real enough. Its not progress its posture. Its hiding. Thats why I left film school. Thats why Oasis was always better than Blur. And it definitely isnt unique to Minneapolis. We all know its been around since the beginning. I was reading some Balzac the other day and he has a short story about this very thing entitled 'Pierre Grasou.' In it he writes 'its only the mediocrites that think of all the details.' He has a point. That's why here in NY I seperate my colleagues from my friends unless they are like-minded and seek out their inspirations over aspirations.

Unless youre a tried and true auteur of any medium, dont give me some bullshit riddles. Have some balls figure out what you're after and lay it down. Then take the consequences.

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