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Dwane Casey Fired
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Timberwolves’ head coach Dwane Casey was fired today. This was way overdue. This guy knows nothing but losing. The Timberwolves hasn't gone anywhere in recent years. I stopped watching their games a couple of years ago even when they were doing okay. Kevin Garnett is perhaps the most overvalued NBA player. He has been around for ages, but never develops the leadership quality that can help a team win.

Will be interesting to see who they hire next. Not too many good coaches around these days.

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I think the job is Randy Wittman's to lose, personally. A 42-week job interview for a long-term contract. If he gets 'em in the playoffs and past the first round, he'll deserve it.

Unfortunately for Wittman, he'll have to deal with the biggest obstacle to success possible, the same one Casey had to deal with: incompetent GM Kevin McHale.

He's the one who lost so many first-round draft picks on Joe Freakin' Smith being unethically signed. He's the one who traded away more of our future for Marko Jaric and the blockbuster "give Boston all our stuff" deal last year.

If we'd had those draft picks, we might have had enough talent around Garnett to win. But one man can't win alone in the NBA... even Jordan had Pippen, Grant, and eventually Rodman around him.

Fire McHale, I say.

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