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Eagle Realty - What's the Catch?
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Post Eagle Realty - What's the Catch? 
Have been seeing a lot of Eagle Realty's TV commericals lately. They always boast the 4% selling fee, but what is the catch? What is the hidden cost? I know other brokers charge anywhere from 5.5 to 7%.

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As I realtor, I haven't personally used Eagle Realty, however from what I have experienced, it is a discount broker. They offer basic real estate services. You get a listing on the MLS and limited other services. They do discount and still payout to other agent who bring buyers through the home. Typically the buyers agent will make 3% and when you pay Eagle Realty 4% and they pay the other agent 3% there is only 1% for marketing, so there is VERY little. When you don't have many expenses, it's easier to change less. They will be there to go through the purchase agreement with you and follow it to closing.

The average 6-7% listing will spend 1.5-2% on marketing and pay the other agent 3%. They work hard for their money and they work hard to help you keep your money and negotiate on your behalf like it was their own.

It's difficult to articulate, I hope that helps somewhat. Maybe an Eagle Realty agent will log on and offer some other insight.

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