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How full's that glass?
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Post How full's that glass? 
Would you say you're an optimist or a pessimist?

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Post Micro or Macro? 
Looking forward, I would have to call myself a pessimist.

If there was one reason I would point to, it is the rejection of organized religion and the rise of moral relativism and situational ethics. I am not restricting this to any "approved" religion- but religion in general. I believe that people instinctively seek the guidance of a time-tested, organized system of belief, and if they cannot find one existing, they will invent one. Most of us, I think, would prefer to hear a moral and ethical code that is rational, defensible, compassionate, and most likely more strict than we would individually choose to impose on ourselves without external prodding. I think we also seek some kind of unchanging yardstick to evaluate the conduct of ourselves and others.

At this moment, I see generations upcoming that have been cast morally adrift, and told that they must figure the world out themselves and do whatever is comfortable to themselves- ostensibly without harming others. That leaves a lot open to personal and selfish interpretation, and I see quite a lot of self-serving interpretation going on.

When nothing seems to shock us any more, we should all be worried.

Bottom line is that I am most concerned for the future of the nation and the world. Things go in cycles, and the pendulum swings to extremes. I expect a Puritanical backlash to come that may well make today's Evangelicals look like Good Time Charlies. I wish we could find some kind of reasonable middle ground, but I have little faith that the teachings of psychologists, personal trainers, and talking circles will be able to provide it.

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Post A Cautious Optimist 
I would call myself a cautious optimist, or even better, a mystic optimist.

I see the flaws in the world at large, and our corner of it. I work in ways I can to make any change for the better, but I do not see only the flaws. Even if I have to force myself, I take a step back and really look at the world. It's a beautiful place. Miraculous.

As for right & wrong, I take a more Buddhist approach to it. We know what is right and wrong. Whether we choose to act accordingly is up to us, but the consequences of our actions will be felt eventually. No one rides for free.

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