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What are we doing here?
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Post What are we doing here? 
There's a windchill of -15 in the Twin Cities today.

Why do you live here?

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I have lived in various climates in the US, and have found the Upper Midwest to be most to my liking. I would say from April through December, this is an exceedingly beautiful and agreeable place. The summer heat from Kentucky south is often oppressive. The northwest is rainy and gloomy. The number of natural lakes and streams in other parts of the country are far less than in the glacial paths of the Midwest. The landscape and outdoor recreation opportunities in many states are unattractive and very limited. The population densities of major east and west coast urban areas are so intense as to make normal daily business a major and unpleasant undertaking.

All in all, I love the Upper Midwest. If I could afford to, I would maintain a home in a warm climate and stay there from Jan 1-April 1, and opt out of the cold and darkness of Minnesota winters.

I have learned one profound truth. Once you reach a point in life where you must seriously consider that the number of remaining winters and summers you have can be counted on your fingers and toes, you consider much more carefully how you are going to spend them. It's a sobering, yet liberating idea to consider. Perhaps if we lived all our lives with a greater dedication to packing as much living into them as possible, our priorities would change for the better.

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Mostly, I live here because I always have and it's where most of my family and friends are located. I expect to be around a few more years because I'm starting training for ordination. However, my wife has asthma, so eventually we need to move to a climate with milder winters. Oregon is high on the list, but we're open to other places as well.

She wants to live near the ocean, ultimately; I'd like to live in a hurricane-free zone. Neither of us will miss the sub-zero, even though we'll both miss Minnesota for the people we know, once we do move. But that's not for at least three years, yet...

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MN is a wonderful state. Yes, depending on what you look for and value, there might be better, but I like it here, negative temps and windchills aside.

Also, it freezes out a large portion of the bugs and wierdos.

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