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Al Franken Show Ends
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Post Al Franken Show Ends 
Air America is sold. Al Franken's show will end on Valentine's day. Al Franken talked with Amy Klobuchar a week ago or so, asking for advice about a likely run for Norm Coleman's seat. Now, Franken will be out of job soon. I bet he won't have much to do for the next year or so. So, his senate run seems more than likely now.

I always thought Al Franken was a joke. Now have to say he is a bad joke.

Franken's Show Ends

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This would be big news ... if a significant number of people had been listening.

But Air America sold because it was on the verge of bankruptcy, and it was on the verge of that because people weren't listening.

Heck, in New York City... hardly a place with a "red state" mentality... Franken's show didn't even reach the Top 10 in the latest Arbitron book. (Could be a bit off, but I think he was maybe 11 or 12.) And that's a market a liberal like Franken should OWN. The city's body politic is predisposed to love his views, and he had NYC cred as a former SNL staff writer and cast member.

Yet Rush, Hannity, O'Reilly, Ingraham, Opie and Anthony, and a bunch of others - including other liberals - all rated higher than did Franken's show.

Which makes him the perfect liberal candidate... can't succeed in the marketplace, so go into public service and live off the government teat.

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The good news...Franken done spouting political crap on the airwaves

The bad news...Franken possibly spouting political crap in some government seat, sponsored by my tax dollars

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Amen, bwoods

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