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What's The Immigration Age Limit?
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Post What's The Immigration Age Limit? 
I read a story in the St Paul Pioneer Press today about an English language class offered in Minneapolis, with a primarily Somali student body. The featured student was a Somali man who recently immigrated here from Kenya. The student was 93 years old.

Now God bless the old fellow, I hope he enjoys his few remaining years and learns the language well. But the story blew me away. How does our immigration policy allow someone to come to the US with no prospects whatsoever of becoming employed and self supporting, and with the full intention of living off the US taxpayer for the rest of his natural life? Our past immigration policies at least required some kind of declaration of intent to become a contributing and self supporting member of American society. It appears we don't even bother with that anymore. It would probably be cheaper just to mail the checks straight overseas to anyone who wants one, and save the airfare.

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thrice: Perhaps the 93 yr old has family in the United States who will be supporting him?
I did not get a chance to read the story yet, but many possibilities are out there that the space limitations of newspapers do not allow to be covered.

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