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Science vs. Religion
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Do you feel a greater allegiance to one than the other? Do you find them mutually incompatible? Does one do more good than the other?

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Science and religion each have their own valuable role to play in our lives.

Science by definition is the study of things that can be tested and proven. If it is conducted honestly, it can only define the physical world. The growth of human knowledge for the benefit of the species is in itself a blessing that constantly improves our lives.

Religion is by definition an exercise in faith. In my view, faith by definition is a belief in things that cannot be proven, but are accepted by an individual as true. Even if it is an illusion that I live my life by, my little corner of the world is a better place for it.

I accept the existence of a Creator, because I cannot imagine that such a complex and perfect Universe occurred randomly. I see no contradiction between the evidence of the gradual creation of the world and the human race, and religious accounts of those events, because the Creator certainly has the option to create as they see fit, and to tell the story in a manner of their choice.

I must have faith in an afterlife, because otherwise it makes no difference how I live, or how I treat others. If my only God is myself, then I am perfectly free to please and meet the expectations of no one but him- and Thrice is a very imperfect and selfish fellow.

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