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Reaching Arms International-Worse than Theft
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Post Reaching Arms International-Worse than Theft 
The MN Attorney General requeted an investigation of Reaching Arms International, a "non-profit" adoption agency based in New Hope that supposedly unites good "Judeo-Christian" families with orphans in different countries.

Not only has this agency shown a pattern of bilking well meaning people out of money for adoptions that have yet to take place, they also have threatened clients. They've made unauthorized credit card charges on clients accounts and accused one couple of being in trouble with God and that's why they cannot have children of their own.

Give me a d*@#ed break! Worse still, this agency is claiming to be inspired by God.
Unless religion has changed drastically in the past few years, divine inspiration for the pursuit of money through fraud and intimidation doesn't seem all that like.

Agencies like this hurt the chances of children desperately needing parents. They hurt the whole cause of adoption and the push to get children into homes. They hurt the good name of honest, godly religious organizations of all denominations trying to stamp out the "backlog" of orphans needing good home.

This place should be shut down, prosecuted, and vilified and the owner should not only face judgement on Judgement Day, but also at her day in court.

To make matters worse still, there is another branch of this agency open in the state of Oregon. I wonder if they're having the same issues.

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Post Reaching Arms International Lawsuit 
My law firm is exploring all avenues of recovery for the families victimized by RAI. We have been contacted by many families and are preparing to move forward with a lawsuit. We'll keep you posted on our progress.


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Post Reaching Arms loses it's license 
In a story in the Star Tribune today we hear that Reaching Arms adoption agency of Golden Valley has lost its adoption agency license and is still under investigation by the MN Attorney General's office. It seems that a couple intent on adopting a young boy from Africa went to visit him and take him home only to find that the agency appointed "lawyer" wasn't a lawyer at all and that RAI did not have authority in Africa to conduct adoptions.

Not only have the bilked hopeful couples out of money, but they have dashed the hopes of at least one child in Africa who met his new "parents" and must now wait...possibly forever...to come home with them.

I repeat, this agency is the lowest of the low, preying on the heartache and desperation of both the parents and the children involved. I wonder which circle of Hell Dante would have reserved for them.

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