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raised hands to God?
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What's the deal with the new style of affirmation during church services or performances? Nowadays I see everyone, young and old, holding up one, or both hands, palm out during services and performances.

What is this? Why do they do it? When did it start?

Sorry, but to me it just reminds me of raising your hand with either a question or for permission to go to the bathroom. Smile

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Coming from a background of several churches who to this, I can tell you it's not that new... Been out there in churches since I left Lutheranism behind back in 1987 and started attending born again/charismatic churches.

Even my current congregation, messianic Jewish in nature, has folks who lift their hands during praise. It's a way of acknowledging G-d.

The best scriptural reference I can find quickly is Luke 24:50:

When he [Y'shua] had led them out to the vicinity of Bethany, he lifted up his hands and blessed them.

From this, I believe the idea of the lifting up of hands became associated with the act of blessing, and so when people want to worship and "bless" G-d, thanking him for all he has done, they lift their hands up in praise, blessing, thanksgiving, whatever you want to call it.

Leviticus 5:22 also has a parallel verse:

Then Aaron lifted his hands toward the people and blessed them.

It seems to be an outgrowth from this. There are some other verses, I'm sure, but I'm writing this at 1:13 a.m. after a really long day, so I hope this brief effort is helpful...

Hadn't thought about it much before, so your question stimulated some thought for me, LadyM. Thanks.

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Post Raised hands 
Craig, thanks for the answer from your faith.

I asked, because I was recently at a funeral where several people in attendance did this during the service. I found it distracting and somewhat disrespectful, but perhaps it is just a difference in upbringing.

Then again, I try to worship a bit every day, simply by enjoying and mentally thanking God & Goddess for the beauty and wonder created around us. I suspect that's why I have trouble figuring out the more ordered and ritual versions of faith.

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Never seen it done at funerals... That would seem odd. Even in my denomination, the raising of hands in blessing and praise would, I suspect, be a bit out of place as part of a funeral service. Then again, who knows? Everyone copes with grief differently and perhaps it helps some folks feel lifted up out of their sense of loss and focus on an eternity with G-d and a reunion with their departed loved ones.


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