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Ripped off on car repair?
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Post Ripped off on car repair? 
Many of us have been to car repair places and feel ripped off. There is a very nice and certified mechanic to whom I take my car for repairs. The rattle under the car yesterday was done for free, because as he hoist the car, he saw that a plate on the exhaust had came off. He took that off and says, well, "that would be free". I need some transmission and brake work done, and yes I'll be going back. He's funny, respectful and decent. He is Van and he is at:
2929 University Ave. SE. Suite A8
Minneapolis, MN 55414
I told him I'd put his business up here, so if you do call, mention you read about him here. Of course you don't have to.

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Post Car Repair rip off on the defensive 

Van 'ripped off' a hunk of tin from underneath your car, then made a point of this act of human decency by saying "that would be free" or in other words, Look at this huge favor I've done for you, at no charge, I must be an honest, decent mechanic in a world full of mechanics always ripping folks off, this obviously translates to I'm trustworthy and qualified to make major repairs on your vehicle, why charge for this small act when now she trusts me to do tranny work, and I can scam bigtime on a job like that!

Please note, this is not an attack on Van, I do not know him, nor have I heard any negatives about his work.

Having been in the car repair biz 34 years, my experience has taught me to read between the lines and the above is how I would interpret this situation from the short post provided.

Insight into being a 'certified' mechanic-look in any auto repair industry publication-you will more than likely find an advertisement for materials to pass the ASE (certifications testing). These not a hands on exam, its theory, if she studied up my 6 year old could pass it. Does that mean she would then be qualified to repair your brakes and transmission?

Please note, I am not discrediting the ASE or Van's Service Shop- My reply is to provide what Average Paranoid Car Repair Client is unaware of. Please reply with your experiences with mechanics, both independent and from 'the dealership'.

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Post Van's Auto Svc: No Reason To Distrust 
I do have first hand knowledge of Van's operation in a small way. I have observed his work on two jobs for my friends' cars and one on my own. I have found him to be personable, knowledgable, and have not thus far detected any tendancy toward dishonesty. His prices that I have observed are very definately NOT in the ripoff category.

SEEYAMART gives wise advice about being skeptical of anyone who performs services for us. He was fair about it in stating that he has no first hand knowledge of Van or his operation. But the automatic assumption & characterization of Van's motives re: the minor favor he did for free is not fair. There are ripoffs in any business who will worm their way into the unsuspecting by building trust in small matters & then taking them to the cleaners at the first opportunity for a big score...we all know that. But to assume that's what Van was up to wasn't the right attitude to take.

Though not nearly as accomplished as SEEYAMART I swung a wrench for a few years and know many of the tricks that are often pulled on customers. We ran an absolutely honest shop ...I mean it...we never, ever, not even once ...took advantage of a customer's ingorance to overcharge on a job or to charge them for unnecessary work. And because of our meticulous honesty our customers shared many a horror story about their dealings with other (some very major well known) shops. I didn't smell any ripoff atmosphere in Van's place.....and I do know the smell.

I SEE no reason not to give Van the benefit of any doubt until GIVEN reason to. I came across this site while looking up his number to check about having some more than minor work done to my car. If I choose not to do it myself I'll probably give the business to him....and I'll check his work. Not because I don't trust him, I wouldn't even consider him if I didn't...but just because I do exercise the caution that SEEYAMART recommends.

Bottom line: My perception of Van so far is that he's a young, hardworking guy who is a competent, honest mechanic with prices that are more than fair. Give him a chance, see what you think. I like the Reaganism "Trust, but verify". If I have or hear of bad experinces with him I'll post them here.

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