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I know this much is true
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Post I know this much is true 
What do you know for sure?

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Things I'm pretty sure are true:

--It's important to have something to look forward to.
--We are mirrors for the people around us. We like those who see and reflect back to us the great things about ourselves.
--Nothing really means anything. Human beings make up stories and meanings and walk around like they're true.
--You can't expect to have all your needs met by one person
--I'm cold
--There's enough to go around. Don't be stingy. What you give will come back to you. Give give give.
--We're here to help each other through this thing.
--Live the questions
--Love is the answer

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I know that no matter what happened today, you gain perspective and insight by looking at it again tomorrow.

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Post No Doubt 
When one unexpectedly sees a real possibility that their life will end soon, they quickly realize how stupid and trivial most things we worry and quarrel about really are.

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Well, Dora, there's a lot I feel that level of certainty about.

Most of my certainty is tied up with my faith.

So I won't go into it here.

There's also a vast list of things I feel uncertainty about, FYI. But that's not the topic of this thread.

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My mom's love is always unconditional.

Great things never come easily.

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Post I know . . . 
. . . I'm a Fishing God.

. . . I love and worship my Goddess.

. . . My Goddess loves me.

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Post THRICE: Bullseye! 
Thrice, I believe you have stated one of the truisms of life. Anyone who's been-there-done-that knows you're spot on. Way to go!

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Post P.S. 
Now, if we could only learn to keep this realization in the forefront of our minds when we're not in mortal peril......

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